Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Crislyn and Bretlee

I just want to say the girls had a very happy birthday! Crislyn was so excited to wake up and over night she went from 3 to 4! Bretlee was ready for all her friends to be here ASAP! I can not believe how fast the last 4 years have just flown by! They are so big and so much fun! Until this yeart the girls did not give a flying leap about ther birthday but I think they have been counting down for months now! They had pretty much had it set in there little minds what they wanted and who they wanted to buy it for them! Some things they wanted I thought for sure was out of the question!Until PAPA PULLED it off! PINK BB GUNS! They love Papa so much! They want to

just like him Crislyn says " I am going to kill a bird a turkey a phesant and a MOOSE! Bretlee says " I am going to get one BIG BUCK! and some birds" When the girls said they wanted a BB GUN I had no clue where it came from and WE ALL figured they were little girsl that were a little young but, when the girls kept TELLING Papa Craig that he was getting it he figured he would not want to disapoint them and he did not! Thanks Grandma Sharon and Papa Craig! Also since Oakleys birthday they have wanted a new CAMP OUT aka Tent! They love making campouts when ever possible so they asked my mom for new campouts! SO with the help from Eliece and her online shopping my mom was able to get them Tents that fit on there bed well we put one on there bed and the other will be in the play room! They had a great birthday filled with tonz of fun a water party with there friends and a YATA aka Pinyata! Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped celebrate on there 4th birthday! They got a ton of nice gifts! The best company and they are completley wore

out! Thanks again for everything!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just want to say I am so excited that little Sully Jean Rigby arrived June, 26 2009! Jeff and Criston will be the best mom and dad to her and Degan will be the best brother! Sully is my little neice and I love her more than words can explain. She fits right in to there family. She is absolutley beautiful! I asked Deg if I could take her home he was sure to tell me NO she is our baby. Then he says and you DONT STILL BABIES! He will have his handful trying to fight off everyone cause she is a beauty! I love Criston and Jeff so much they are some of my very best friends and I consider them family! I love all of them so much and so excited for the new addition to there family!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a Day!!!

So the girls both got there tonsils and adnoids out today and Bretlee also got tubes! They have done fairly well! Crislyn was so excited to go get them out she had no idea what was coming! Bretlee on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it and she still wants nothing to do with it! Bretlee went first and everything went well! She did not want to wake up and she still really has not she has had a real hard time coming out of the anestisia and wont eat or drink unless we put it in a syringe and make her poor thing. She told the nurse I HATE YOU GET AWAY! She would not go get stickers or anything. She has been throwing up poor girl! Crislyn on the other hand has done awesome! She went in so willing and when she came out she was a little combative she was hitting colton and trying to pull her IV out but she settled down drank her drink told Bretlee come on beps drink it is good for you! She went on a walk with the nurse and and was very pleasant! When we were leaving she asked if we could go to Mcdonalds so we kinda ignored it but she kept it up the Dr said it was ok so we took her and got a Mcdouble She ate the whole thing! OUCH! This has truly suprized me so much usually Crislyn has ZERO pain tollerance and Bretlee is a champ! The Dr said dont expect either of them to be the same and man was he right!

Monday, May 11, 2009

HELP these girls find there sisters!

This story hits close to home with me in a few different ways I hope some of you will help me by re posting this and help them find there sister. Adopted to separate homes two decades ago, three reunited sisters have turned to the Internet in hopes of finding their younger sibling.

Ana Raquel was not quite 2 the night she arrived in Salt Lake City from El Salvador and was adopted by a Utah family.

Older sister Crystal Montes was adopted that night -- Sept. 27, 1985 -- by another Utah family. A video taken by Montes' adoptive family at the airport shows both girls.

Montes, who was 8 when adopted, has already been reunited with sisters Leticia Walter Morgan and Patty Oborn. Both Morgan and Oborn were also adopted to Utah families a few months apart.

The three women now hope the Internet will help them find Ana.

"Not one day has gone by when I haven't thought of her," said Montes, who said she often cared for her sister during their birth mother's frequent absences. "I was more or less their mother. I looked at Ana as my own child."

Montes, now 31, has posted the video clip on YouTube and at

Montes says she hopes someone will recognize the dark-haired woman seen holding Ana in the video, or the blond-haired boy seen standing next to her.

"It's like there's a missing piece in our puzzle that's keeping our family from fitting together," Morgan said.

The Youtube is the link below the clip pic of the people they are trying to recognize is at 2 min 35 sec!

I always new when I was younger I had another sister from my dads previous marriage that he had signed his rights over to. It always taunted me finally when I was 20 I was able to meet her! There were so many unanswered questions that I hurt for these girls! PLEASE PASS THIS ON!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday CRISTON

I just want to tell my BEST FRIEND Criston Happy BIRTHDAY!

She was the first friend that I made when I moved to garland! We have been Besties since. She has been there for me threw thick and thin. She is a one in a million kind of gal!!!! She is a wonderful friend. We dont have to talk every day or week to know we are friends. She always knows when I am down.There are not many people out there like her and I feel so blessed I can say she is my best friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRIS.

I have a ton more pics but I did not want some of us on here. SO I just looked for some that are ever lasting memories. Cris is a great mom and wife sister daughter and friend we love you so much.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Our Easter was full of food fun and more fun! First off the girls got up and looked in there baskets and was amazed with all the candy they did not care one bit about the cloths! Then they say there big wheels did not care to much! OH MAn

Then we went over to coltons parents and had a nice sunday dinner and then let the kids do there easter egg hunt! Crislyn dominated she got 19 eggs! Bretlee was right on the button and had her12! So we took Crislyns and gave the boys the rest of theres!

Then we went to my moms! She spoils them every year! They did not want to leave! They were playin with there cousins! Marks kids!

They had to put swim suites on they wanted to get in the pool!

Then our super nice neighbors the Josephesons called and invited us over to let the girls go over and join there sweet family for another easter egg hunt! It was tonz of fun!!!! That was the most organized easter egg hunt I have ever been to and it was loads and loads of fun!

Thanks to everyone for our fun filled day!!!!!! Happy easter to all of you!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting ready for Easter

Well I am so glad that I have been done shopping for easter for a few months no last minute rush or nothing!Colton has been so sick! He usually does not complain and just goes like the energizer bunny he never stops his OCD is to blame! Some may not take me serious but I am. The girls got there easter dresses early and wore them for Carson and Amandas wedding! I dont have pics cause I was using a camera that was not mine! I will soon! Thanks Tanis! We are going to be able to spend our easter with both sides of our family! It is nice not to have to feel obligated to switch or choose. My brother and his family came for easter this year so today we painted ourselves and our easter eggs! The kids had a blast they were going so fast they just wanted more white eggs! I thougt 2 dozen would be good for 2 3yr olds a 1 yr old and 7 month old! They could have done 10 dozen but after 2 dozen I think us parents were ready to be done!!! HA HA We really had a nice time! We also all still have color on us showing it. Here are some pics of us creating our eggs and the finished product

The girls are putting there easter baskets out so the easter bunny can fill them!!!!

Colton and I are giving the girls big wheels for easter! I know they are not pink and purple they are blue! The girls wanted them so that is what we got! PLUS some of there little boy friends

dont like to ride there bikes cause they are pink so we figured that it is more versatile! HA HA
So the easter bunny was real boring this year! He decided the girls have enough outside stuff and bubbles and all that fun stuff so he got candy that is not so messy and a few out fits dresses they already wore. Simple as that and he was done! The big wheels are something they had been begging for! I don't know why but Colton seems to think if they want it they must need it oh heck!